Rwandan Potato processors learned from study tour in Brussels

The Ministry of Trade and Industry in collaboration with Brussels-Africa Hub organized a study tour in Brussels with the purpose of bringing together Rwandan Potato value chain stakeholders to meet Belgian companies active in the processing of Irish Potatoes, farmers and Agricultural research institutions in Belgium.

Brussels - African Hub is a private international non Profit association dedicated to nurturing sustainable and liable investments in Africa. Brussels - African Hub was formed by a group of African Diaspora and Belgian experts  with the intention to partner with prominent Belgians and European  Research institutions, private sector organizations and financial institutions aimed to facilitate interaction  between European and African private sector organizations. It is on this background that the ministry of Trade and Industry invited Nyabihu Potato Company Ltd, and other organizations to attend this study tour in Belgium.


The first company to visit on 25th was ‘’Agristo’’ the company that has been in Potato processing since 1986. The company is located in northern parts of Belgium in Ghant municipality, It started with total investment value of approximately  1 million Euros , today the company investment value is over 300 million Euros.

The second Industry to visit was “DEWULF” this industry manufactures Agricultural machinery  for cultivating, Planting, Harvesting, Storage, and Grading solutions. The cost of each farming equipment ranges from 15,000 Euros to 600,000 Euros.

The third visit was “PCG” Agricultural Research center dealing especially in seeds and fertilizers.

The fourth visit was “ILVO” Government research center this is a big research center with agricultural drones and robots research initiatives, and so on.

Today,  in a Meeting of Belgapom and Brussels-African Hub, Minister Soraya Hakuzuyaremye said that The study tour was important for the Rwandan delegation, as it allowed them to interact with experienced expert researchers in agro processing industries and high level and experienced Investors in Potato farming, farmers, Potato storage and Potato processing.

In Irish potatoes value chain, there is a need of Knowledge and technology transfer, experience sharing, business opportunities in the spirit of win – win situation where investors from Belgium could come and invest in all levels of Irish potatoes value chain and it will boost the production and the way of doing business in the said value chain. 

Irish potatoes value chain farmers are grouped in 116 cooperatives with 96 351 members, sharing experiences is easy and working with them is a potential opportunity for both sides.

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