“Women play a major role not only in our national economies but also in the global economy“ Minister Soraya Hakuziyaremye.

Kigali Thursday, 1 October 2020: This was said when Hon. Minister Soraya Hakuziyaremye was speaking at at the Commonwealth Business Women Network virtual meeting that convenes women in trade, policymakers and facilitators.

This meeting was attended by representative of the Cabinet Secretary of Trade and Industry in  Kenya, Honorable President of the Commonwealth Business Women Network for both Kenya and Rwanda, and oganisers.

During her speech, Hon. Minister Hakuziyaremye said that It is very encouraging to see women working together across borders to organise and convene such meaningful meetings.

“We all know that women play a major role not only in our national economies but also in the global economy. Numerous reports from IMF to Mckinsey, affirms that gender equality promotes economic stability and growth.  We are living testimonies that promoting women economic empowerment provides numerous opportunities to boost economic growth and productivity, lead to greater equality in income distribution, support higher corporate profits, increase economic resilience and contribute to other development outcomes such as health, competitiveness and human capital development“ Hon. Minister Hakuziyaremye said.

She added that Investing in the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs is a wise investment. Creating opportunities for women to trade will ensure that our countries, the East African Community, the continent and the entire world achieves key national, continental and global goals: Increasing trade volumes, rising incomes and overall quality of life for our citizens, job creation, economic resilience and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and especially Goal 5 – Gender Equality.

Minister Hakuziyaremye shared with them briefly our experience in Rwanda: Over the past 20 years, Rwanda has made tremendous efforts in promoting Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.  It has been indeed one of the crosscutting issues in the Vision 2020 and its subsequent implantation strategies such as the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategies and the current National Strategy for Transformation.

The focus has been on establishing a conducive environment for strengthening gender equality by updating and adapting laws on gender, supporting education for all and ensuring long-overdue representation of women in leadership positions of our country.

In this regard, the Constitution guarantees representation in the parliament for special categories of Rwandans including youth, women, people with disabilities and the historically marginalized people. More specifically for women, the constitution of the Republic of Rwanda confers at least 30 percent of positions to women in all decision-making organs.

In Rwanda therefore, promoting gender is primarily a human right issue, encompassing women and girls' equal rights, combatting discriminatory practices and challenging the roles and stereotypes that foster inequalities and exclusion.

She urged them to also take responsibility to position themselves to benefit from the opportunities that are being availed.

Today, Rwanda has a majority of women in Parliament (63%) and a majority of women in Cabinet (52%).

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