Minister Hakuziyaremye Visits cooperatives which operate in Kigali, today.

Kigali 7/23/2019: This morning Honourable Minister Soraya Hakuziyaremye accompanied by prof. Harelimana Jean Bosco visited cooperatives which operate in Kigali where they started by “Icyerekezo-Gatsata Cooperative”.

After touring buildings owned by the cooperative, Minister Soraya pointed out that the achievements made through by cooperative showed that by working together, people can achieve much more. She visited also “COCTRAMAVK” based in Gikondo  and " ADARWA" based in Gisozi .

“Cooperatives contribute greatly in economic empowerment of the country. They help create jobs for the people. Their contribution toward achieving the development goals, such as poverty reduction, is paramount. You can’t fight poverty without saving. Through cooperatives, people are encouraged to embrace the savings culture” she said after touring.

“Our purpose is to have all people join cooperatives to share experiences and benefits, among others,”she added.

Coops make youth to stand up and work, they aim to create more cooperatives to ease the performance of small business operators

The purpose of the visit was to see what the cooperatives are doing and to see where the Government can support their activities.



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