Positivo, made in Rwanda computer to increase country’s export

Kigali –November 6th, 2015 – Positivo- BGH, a Latin American multinational IT company, which manufactures laptops, computers, tablets, and other electronic gadgets; has started its operation at Kigali Special Economic Zone, Masoro.

According to officials from Positivo-BGH by November 9th, 2015, the first ever made in Rwanda computer will be on the shelves in retail in Kigali.

The laptop branded Positivo are manufactured by a US 4$ billion Argentina major IT Device firm, Positivo-BGH.

‘’We came here to expend our markets and help the country to increase its exports’’ Juan Ignation Ponelli, Positivo-BGH President in Africa, said.

‘’This computer is made in Rwanda, by Rwandans, for Rwandans and for the rest of the world’’ Positivo President in Africa,  Ponelli added.  

Positivo Production started early this year following a deal between the government of Rwanda and the firm.

Currently, Local entrepreneurs and investors in the ICT sector have already partnered to form a wholesale distribution outlet of gadgets and electronics manufactured in the country by Positivo-BGH. Constituting 15 entrepreneurs, Africa Smart Investment Distributions (ASI-D) will be involved in the distribution of devices produced by the Latin American firm with a presence in Rwanda.

Part of the deal provides that the Government will purchase about 150,000 units (electronics) every year, most of them going to the education sector.

While touring the Kigali Special Economic Zone last Friday, François Kanimba, The minister for Trade and Industry lauded such initiatives of investors.

 ‘’Positivo- factory  has a big  project  because after the production of made in Rwanda computer; I have heard that the firm will soon launch made in Rwanda cell phones, air conditioners, projectors and so on. So, I am proud of that’’ said Minister Kanimba.

‘’As you have  seen, these factories are employing our graduates youth from technical and vocational schools (TVETs) and I am very delighted by that’’ Kanimba added.

An average retail price of Positivo brands is at Rwf 200, 000 (US$265). At least 150.000 units are already in the stock waiting to be released to the retailers. The plant based at Kigali special Economic Zone has the capacity to produce 60.000 per month

Africa Smart Investment Distributions ASI-D is a wholesaler composed of 15 local ICT companies contracted by the government of Rwanda to distribute devices in Rwanda and across Africa. .Positivo firm is targeting to launch made in Rwanda cell Phone devices by February next year, according to Juan Ignation Ponelli, Positivo President in Africa.

The minister for Trade and Industry was visiting the Kigali Special Economic zone to evaluate the ongoing construction activities of the factories in the area as well as performance of those already set up.

Other plants visited by  the minister  for Trade and Industry, Francois Kanimba include HIPPO Roofing Factory, which specialises in the manufacture of stone –coated steel roofing tiles; and STRAWTEC factory, which manufactures high-quality modular prefabricated wall panels from wheat and rice straw.

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