The establishment of a Single Project Implementation Unit (SPIU) in Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM) stemmed out of the desire by the Government of Rwanda (GoR) to improve coordination in project implementation processes across Ministries and other Government agencies. A cabinet paper to guide the process was tabled and approved on 11th February 2011.

In the context of MINICOM, SPIU was established in September 2011 and strategically positioned to provide an institutional framework for effective coordination in the implementation of ongoing projects. Furthermore, the established SPIU is responsible for designing and implementing all planned projects including those in the pipeline, across all portfolio functional areas (Industry and SME Development, Trade and Investment as well as Competition and Consumer Protection).

The SPIU shall therefore, play host to all project management phases (Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Control as well as Closing) in order to complete the project life cycle in the Ministry. The current projects implemented under the auspices of the SPIU include; Great Lakes Trade Facilitation Project (GLTF), Rwanda Resource Efficiency And Cleaner Production Project (RECP), E-Waste Management Project  and EIF-Tier II which are funded by the World Bank, UNEP, SIDA and EIF respectively. In addition, the SPIU is responsible for implementation of current and future internally and externally funded projects.

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